Rapper Kevin Burgess, now better known by his stage name KB, plays the trumpet. When hip-hop is synonymous with devil-music in your household, the trumpet is a safer outlet for musical expression. Fast-forward to the present, and Tampa FL based artist KB has found redemption in what was once the forbidden music of his youth. After obtaining a Theology degree, he dove into Christian hip-hop, releasing a mixtape, a widely successful debut album and a Dove award-winning EP (for Rap/Hip Hop Song of the Year, “100”). He shows no signs of slowing down – his recently released second hip-hop studio album, Tomorrow We Live, has earned media praise as “a straight masterpiece” and “KB’s first classic.” The artistry of Tomorrow We Live has brought both critical acclaim and commercial success, debuting on the Billboard charts at No. 1 on Top Christian Albums, No. 4 on Top Rap Albums, and in the top 20 on the iconic Billboard 200. KB has also achieved industry recognition as a Recording Academy featured artist on Grammy.com. His talent in the studio is matched by his high-octane live shows – he has toured with Lecrae, Tenth Avenue North and top Reach Records artists, and is currently touring nationally in support of Tomorrow We Live.




HGA is a group of brothers and sisters committed to an obsession. And that obsession is to be about what God has always been about, His Glory Alone. What started as a bible study with 7 men in a two-bed room apartment quickly grew into a citywide mini-movement. As I reflect on the genesis of our community, I some times get emotional as it becomes more and more apparent to me that “God did it all!” We prayed that it rain in our city and God made it pour! Young, unchurched, multi-ethnic, urban men and women abandoning their lives to take a new life in Jesus. They felt that their youth meant one thing, we have more years to serve Jesus. God taught them that. How else could this be explained? How did we go from thieves, drug dealers, goody tow shoes, players, and atheists to missionaries to Iraq, Peru, China, Costa Rica, Brazil, and most dearly Tampa? There was a time where the brothers and sisters tried to walk 15 miles to another city and share the gospel with every person they came across. Why? For fun! (It actually didn’t work. We ended up taking a bus the last 13 miles.) This is what we enjoyed. We loved Jesus not perfectly but consistently. As we’ve grown into adulthood and become husbands, wives, college students, business owners, so on and so forth. His Glory Alone is still the cry of almost every person that started with us almost 6 years ago. They said we’d grow out of this but in reality we’ve only grown in to this. “HGA until the casket drops.” Join us in this most happy pursuit declaring, “His glory among the nations!”