SEP 7 – Pensacola, FL

SEP 9 – Orlando, FL (Rock the Universe)

SEP 10 – Jacksonville, FL

SEP 11 – Tampa, FL

SEP 14 – Asheville, NC

SEP 15 – Washington, DC

SEP 16 – Elizabeth NJ

SEP 17 – Shippensburg PA (Uprise Fest)

SEP 22 – Nashville, TN

SEP 23 – Indianapolis IN

SEP 24 – Springfield OH

SEP 25 – Chicago, IL

OCT 1 – Dallas, TX


This will be the craziest show we’ve ever created!  And fans will get to hear and help me select songs for my new album!!!!  I’m bringing special guest and unique interactive meet and greet experience. Start grabbing tickets now!!!

The heart of Tempo:

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Few things can be more impactful to the world than a man or a woman who refuses to be controlled by it. We set our own tempo, and that tempo is set to the passions of God. We live beyond society norms and expectations, our cues come from much higher than that. Tempo is about focus and freedom. Focus on a higher calling and freedom anything stop that vision!